An IT Professional's Guide to Audiovisual Leasing

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Audiovisual for the smart office

The impact of poorly functioning technology is felt daily across organizations, from setting the wrong tone in a client meeting to not being able to meet a project deadline - and it is the IT department whose time is swallowed up by these faults. If you are looking to upgrade your meeting space capabilities, audiovisual leasing should be something to seriously consider. Not only does it move the costs from CapEx to OpEx but, because the design, installation and service elements are integrated, the benefits can be felt across the business - facilities management, IT, heads of departments and end users.

Highlight features & benefits:

  • Predictable monthly outgoings

  • No call-outs or breakdown charges

  • Easy to budget for new spaces and changing requirements

  • Maintain up to date technology

  • Flexibility to meet changing business needs

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