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Build & System Integration

Create award-winning AV systems by partnering with Electrosonic.

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AV System Integration

Build and System Integration Image Featured

Build the Next Era-Defining AV Experience

Finding the right AV integrator can be a challenge, especially with your unique technology needs. A personalized approach that encompasses engineering, fabrication, project management, programming and installation is crucial. By tailoring solutions to your specific vision, we ensure that innovation takes root in your rack rooms, ultimately leading to unparalleled immersive experiences for your guests, employees and visitors.

Key Takeaways

Discover how to enhance your projects with cutting-edge technology and an innovative methodology.

Review our full menu of services, from engineering and fabrication to project management.

Gain insights into a structured approach to AV integration that enhances your project's success.

Get inspired by exploring era-defining experiential technology and audiovisual projects.

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