Executive Briefing Centers and Corporate Spaces Peer Survey

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Making Business Decisions about Corporate Spaces

Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs) and other corporate meeting spaces positively impact customer relationships and shorten the sales cycle. Coupling corporate meeting environments with innovative, memorable experiences creates new levels of customer interaction and feedback that can drive even greater results.

That’s because customers and prospects expect — and demand — exceptional experiences similar to those they encounter in shopping malls, theme parks and visitor attractions. It’s no longer sufficient just to hold a meeting. Business leaders must recognize that ‘space is your canvas’ — an opportunity to create compelling experiences that win the hearts and minds of customers, prospects and employees.

To help businesses make informed decisions about their ‘canvas,’ Electrosonic commissioned a survey of more than 800 professionals to understand their experiences and attitudes toward corporate meeting spaces.

Features & benefits:

  • What is your primary goal for an EBC

  • What are the most important benefits of an EBC?

  • What are the KPIs of a successful EBC?

  • What is your biggest pain point when planning, developing, building an EBC?

  • What is the best format for an EBC

  • What types of spatial areas support your brand strategy?

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