Security, Surveillance and Access Control System Design Consulting Brochure

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Unifying security, surveillance and access control system design to provide situational awareness for people, property and places

Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems takes a holistic and converged approach to system design by combining video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control systems into a complete, unified security system platform.

The integrated solutions are scalable, future-oriented and adaptable. They are designed to increase efficiency and simplify system management and, where possible, the solutions are integrated with existing system technology to protect legacy investments.

Features & benefits:

  • Comprehensive approach including full security audits, risk and vulnerability assessments

  • Access to industry-leading experts with highest industry certifications

  • Embed end-to-end physical security into sites, facilities and infrastructure

  • Practical proven methodologies minimize points of failure and improve quality assurance

  • Integrated solutions are scalable, future-oriented and adaptable to changing threats

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