Technology Master Planning Brochure

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Create innovative experiences by seamlessly fusing architecture, storytelling and technology

Technology Master Planning™ documents the technical requirements of an experience to achieve the client’s vision. It provides a scalable, illustrative plan that communicates consistent information at every stage to all stakeholders involved in the project.

This methodology also overlays the technology requirements and specifications for different technology disciplines, including: Audio, Video and Control Systems, Information and Communications Technology, Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems and Acoustics.

Features & benefits:

  • Integrates complex multiple technology disciplines into a unified framework

  • Facilitates close collaboration with stakeholders throughout the project

  • Enables specialists to create a unique, personalized experience

  • Augments and enhances architectural process with breadth of technology, depth of information and best practices

  • Saves time, reduces uncertainties, limits risks and liabilities and avoids costly delays

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