VISTA Audiovisual Collaboration Services

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Transforming cloud video conferencing services to support remote collaboration.

VISTA by Electrosonic, a suite of Cloud Video Conferencing Managed Services. VISTA supports the migration of existing on-premise video conferencing systems to the cloud and the provision of new hosted cloud video conferencing solutions. The service integrates existing systems, enables advanced features and provides full management of the cloud-based solution.

This affordable and scalable service makes collaboration benefits available to more users and leverages existing investment in video conferencing systems. The services are modular and can be customized to meet specific business, technical and operational needs.

VISTA features & benefits:

  • Reduced IT workload

  • Access to skilled and experienced support staff

  • More accessible collaboration services

  • Increased security

  • Enhanced user meeting experience

  • Lower support costs

  • Improved ROI on audiovisual estate

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